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Embarrassments after u come to China

When some foreigners doing business/immigrate into or have a trip in China, they have met with some embarrassments while communicating with Chinese due to culture differences. Do u think so? (Better to use true example to explain.)

Dec 25, 2008 4:59 PM
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Hello,friend!Personally speaking,as a business person or a person who plans to have a trip to some countries,they would at least learn some cultures there before going to that country,won't they?As is known to us all,China is a counrty with a very long history,developing very rapidly.And besides,we Chinese are very friendly to each other,foreign people included.Anyways,it is common that people from different countries have different cultures,not only in China,but also in any other countries,don't you think so?I wish you a happy life in China and welcome to China!
December 31, 2008

you are welcom 

December 28, 2008
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