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Hello, I'm French and I would like to improve my english. I would like to talk with an english or american, and if we became friends and we can trust each other, I think it will be interesting to do an exchange you come in france and than I come in your country. That will be a very good experience as I love learning about others culture. Don't hesitate to contact me :)

2015년 2월 13일 오후 9:41
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Hi, I'm a native English speaker from the UK and am looking to improve my spoken French, feel free to get in touch!


2016년 6월 6일

Hey I would love to be your language partner! I'm a native English speaker/American looking to learn French. 

2015년 12월 30일

I'm not english or american. But I know English quite well. I use it in my work every day. Chats and talks.

I'm interested in French language. I would like to chat with you.



Best wishes,


2015년 3월 27일
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