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Peter P
Very small shorts for men

What do you think about small shorts for men? Lately I've seen men at public transport wearing very small shorts, maybe they come from gym or playing soccer but, is necessary to wear very small shorts?

Naturally men are hairy (some are not) and I think that to watch hairy legs isn't pleasurable for people, unless the men were models on a catwalk. I like my legs but I wouldn't wear small shorts. Some of that men seem to wear only underwear!

Feb 13, 2015 10:02 PM
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Interesting question you ask. You must have spent lots of time watching men in tight shorts.

February 14, 2015

It's their own business. It's none of my business. Presumably they are aware of the impression they make on others. Times and styles change. It happens to make me uncomfortable but it doesn't hurt me in any way. "Live and let live."

February 14, 2015

If this is the case then i want to say i find them repulsive!!!

ew!!! and it's not about the hair,it's about common sense! as

Peter P said: going to the beach is not like walking in the street,

these short shorts are vulgar &shameless!

Wear proper clothes people,for the sake of humanity wear clothes

&not panties!

February 14, 2015

Peter P, as women in very small shorts make usually no harm to my mood, and as don't wear shorts...
I'd left this question for consideration of women.

For the sake of gender equality. If they like to see men, hairy or shaven, performing belly dances in nude - I'll probably won't amuse them myself, but I would never prevent those willing from doing this.

February 14, 2015

Haha I'm not gay, I think that men who wear short shorts in public are vulgar and shameless. I'm not always watching men in tight shorts as @kraut9 says, I can't go everywhere with my eyes closed. I can be deaf to every talk nonsense of the people at the public transport because I like listening music while traveling.


I agree with @fairyfairytale's idea: We can admire the human body, but there are right places for each things. If I'm shirtless at the street, everyone is going to be surprised and shocked; but if I'm shirtless at the beach, nobody is going to say anything.

February 14, 2015
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