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NATIVE SPEAKERS: Let's record stuff for others!

Anyone who's ever tried to learn a foreign language knows how difficult it can be to learn new words and phases if there's no recording available. So, why don't we help each other?!

In one's native language it would take only a few minutes to make a recording. However, language learners would benefit a lot. It would be much easier to memorise things.

Anyway, if anyone needs a native Russian speaker (from Moscow), I'm available and willing to help.

13 févr. 2015 22:11
Comments · 10 is a good website for that. You can make recordings without any subscription.

14 février 2015

This is an excellent idea. 

14 février 2015

I don't think anyone has difficulties learning single words nowadays. You don't even need to go on as there are plenty of great online dictionaries.

Today I'm talking about more ADVANCED learners and THEIR NEEDS. It is no longer about words or simple sentences. It could be long monologues or dialogues where such things as intonation and sentence stress can be vitally important.

Any ADVANCED learners out there???

Is there any stuff you want to be recorded?! Is there anything you're struggling with because you don't have the audio. Does anyone need help?  Please let us know.

14 février 2015

Hi. It's not a problem.

You can use movies with subtitles if you are a begginer. There are phrases that you can hear. Just learn them all with right prononcuation.

It's not great to learn words. It's much better to learn phrases.

So you can do it also using audio books with text.

14 février 2015

Armando, of course, it all depends how well you speak a foreign language. Let's say, for a complete beginner, even recorded alphabet would probably come in handy whereas for advanced students different kinds of dialogues or monologues with the main emphasis on intonation and sentence stress as well as use of idiomatic language would be more useful.

What I'm trying to say, though, that for you, a native Italian speaker,  that would be only a matter of a few minutes to record something in Italian whereas for a learner of Italian that would be a great help. 

14 février 2015
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