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The dogs in the countries

How are accepted the dogs in your countries ?


Before that I have my dog I was alone for my holidays and I took the plane and I stayed in a hotel. But now I travel with my dog by car and I stay on a campsite. But it's not always easy for travel with a dog.


In Switzerland, the dogs are in general accepted in the restaurant, in the non-food stores and in the public transport. There is a bags for pick-up dogs droppins in the street. The swiss people pay a taxe per year for have a dog.


When I was in Holland for my holidays, the dogs was accepted on the beach since 7 p.m.. I remember my beautiful great walks on the beach in the sunshine with my dog. It's a very good memory.


In France, it's not always easy for find a beach where the dogs are accepted but the last year, I was in the Oleron Island in May and we did a very great walks on the beach, my foots and the dog's pawns in the see. It was a very good time.


In England, it's difficult for to go in England, the best transport is the tunnel channel I think because the ferries don't accept that the dog travel with her owner, the dog musst leave in the car or in the kennel and I think it's stressfull and dangerous for the dog. I know a dog who is died in the car during a crossing by ferry. But when I was in England, it was good for my dog because there is a dog's friendly beaches and a dog's friendly pubs and I didn't have problem for to go in the restaurant with my dog but It was sunny and in general I leaved outside. I just didn't have on the Brighton Pier because the dog are not accepted.


This year, I wanted to go to Ireland but the ferries don't accept that the dog travel with her owner, so I have chosen another destination. I think that will go to Sweden.

Feb 14, 2015 9:19 PM
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In the US they are pretty well received. We love dogs. They generally aren't allowed in restaurants though.

February 15, 2015

Oh I see. Correction then, she´s a ver pretty dog.

February 14, 2015

She's an american cocker spaniel

February 14, 2015

In Mexico it´s hard to find a hotel that will let you stay with your dogs whenever you need to travel. It´s also hard to find a beach where dogs will be allowed, so I sometimes have to sneak in with my dogs whenever the security guards are not watching :P That´s a very pretty dog in your picture Isabelle, I like his long ears (he seems like a male to me). What is the breed of your dog? 

February 14, 2015

If human friendship or relationship can be just an experience temporary, those animals are just for fun to me, so that I choose photography for human seriously aside from connecting my family but animails fresh as entertainment maintaining longer under my memory and brains control rather than overwhelming unacceptable. 


Are you sure about country? I don't think. Nice people everywhere and criminals everywhere as well so difficult to say. If some people love animals more than human beings, animal conservation is nothing to be influenced, but not me. However, I don't kill animal deliberately not for law or love, sure killing animals, are not legal.

February 15, 2015
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