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What is the point?

Today, in USA we celebrate valentine which is a love celebration for lovers. This celebration day creates different emotional feelings to different people. For some it is a reminder of betrayal, for others it is a reminder of life changing experience. Does love has a universal definition? If the answer is yes, why is that different people have different and oposit reactions? It looks for me, love is defined on the bases of the individual's experience of love. Then what is the point to make a love celebration day like valantine as if all people share the same values of love?

Feb 14, 2015 10:48 PM
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It depends on your own situation how you experience this day. If you are on your own, like me, in a resort near LA surrounded by romantic couples, you feel ... A little bit lonely. But I'm also glad that I'm not crying, despite my divorce a year ago, and enjoying the love between two people. And I... am living my self:)

February 15, 2015

It is a trick to prove true love actually, If you have two girlfriends it is usually caught on this day.


February 15, 2015

If the value of love is as universe uncountable, how can I describe it well? That means zero. But you may experience it if you have one to stay with you or not. I don't know.


I don't know love at all, because I have ne'er dreamed anyone I love in my dream. Don't miss them and don't love them but they still stay in my brain dream. 

February 15, 2015

Lololol...."if you have two girl friends you are caught on this day". Why do you want have two at first place. Then when you are caught run away before you get a bitten up by two angry girls.

February 15, 2015
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