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You think which movie doesn't deserve imdb score? Why?
14 de feb de 2015 23:54
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Absolutely "The Hurt Locker"  it isn't about  its imdb score. This movie won best picture academy reward. Ohh give me a break. Probably the jury was drunk or stoned. Because there is no explanation for it. Wasn't there another good movie that deserve to win. Of course there was. "District 9" or "Up"  were way too good options. Hurt Locker is a just typical American's militarism oriented movie. Definetly doesnt deserve best picture reward. 

Salute the stoned jury

15 de Febrero de 2015

I haven't seen it but The Interview because so many people gave it 10 before it was released.


I rarely agree with an IMDb score. The latest films I saw - Maleficent (7.1), The Theory of Everything (7.8) and The Drop (7.1) - would only get a 5 or 6/10 from me.

15 de Febrero de 2015

All movies deserve an IMDB score. It's a score, like in school, can be zero too.

15 de Febrero de 2015

The Little Prince. Worst book ever written.

15 de Febrero de 2015
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