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Eduardo Joao


-Who I am? Why I was this attitude?
-Why I don't know eye contact and talk?
-Why the muscles of my mouth don't know pronounce the sound "ed" this verbs in a past?
-Who I don't know control my reactions (feelings and emotions)?
-Why I feel scared, I am feel afraid, angry, nervous, stressful, insecure and indecisive, contractions my muscles of my body, sad, laziness, depression, anxious, worry, tired, resentments,pride, thinking and living in a Past, or thinking and living in a Future, in short bad feelings?
-Why I learned more with my mistakes and defeats? Why they are registered with greater intensity in my mind?

As is the case when my body language speaks for me, my face and my look, my gestures speak if I utter a word.

On the other hand, in a few moments, why I am feel confident, capable, with a good energy, concentrate, exciting, I feel the presence of God in my life, a higher power, humility, wisdom, courage, bravery, comfortable, Living now at the moment, enjoying, talking my poor English, learning, hearing, in short good feelings, reactions ans attitudes.


I need help!

Feb 15, 2015 2:56 AM
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Only you can help yourself if you don't choose suicide because this is freedom world and you are not in Asian with so much freedom that is one of reason so many Asian Western culture. Turning around over an over again is only freedom dominate human hearts to set you free, so just believes yourself is correctly if you don't hurt other people, either with respect, doesn't behave Asian likes to use every possible way to control people for their own selfish because they are think they can replace God to unify this world in plot in order to underground liminted software, technology and electricity; whatever you say they cannot hear.


For example homosexual is another hot topic, why people can accept homosexual and ignore homosexual diseases? If there is no homosexual, where is ADIS from? Should they force them to love the opposite sex for Asian criminal actitivies without freedom? Which one is selfish? If both are legal.


God bless you, and may you have your freedom choice in bliss. 

February 15, 2015
Eduardo Joao
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