Sarah Mostafa
I'm learning Spanish and would be glad to help with Arabic, Mucho gusto :)
15 de feb de 2015 17:05
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Hi ippasos, nice to meet you, thank you for offering to help

The letter ع is like a friend you will love it, just keep saying نعععم and يععع and you will be a professional

Best regards 

8 de Julio de 2015

Hello, can i help you with spanish? , I am learning english, would you like to learn me?? 

My name is Eduardo i am from Mexico 

8 de Julio de 2015

hi sarah! i can help you with spanish if you want.I also try to learn arabic,but i have a problem.I cant pronounce the letter ع...any suggestion?

7 de Julio de 2015
Sarah Mostafa
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