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I just want to ask native Thau speakers to contribute to the audio recordings at http://ru.forvo.com/pronounce/th/

Audio helps greatly to learn vocabulary. It's such a shame that there are so few Thai speakers there.

Guys, lend a hand to all of Thai learners, na ka ;)

15 feb 2015 18:04
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Hi Art, nice to meet you too ;) Rhino is a great tool when there are native speakers who are recording stuff of course! Welcome ;) I like 'Маша и медведь' too, though it's not very useful for learning Russia as they speak quite a little.

20 mei 2015

Thank you, Kaew! That's awesome! The Thai script, please :)

23 oktober 2015

Hi Tati


Now I'm working on your request: Thai / Lesson 6 Act 11



Sorry to ask a stupid question but I'm not sure the transcription should be in Thai or "karaoke"?



23 oktober 2015
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