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Searching translator for Mường language (southern Hòa Bình province)

Chào các bạn :)


I am a filmmaker (cinematography student) from Germany and have been filming in a Mường village in southern Hòa Bình province at the end of last year.


We are having a quite hard time finding anyone able to translate our material for us. Is there anyone here, who knows someone, who could translate it for us: to German, English or even Vietnamese and then English by someone else?


We've got a very small budget, but saved up a few hundred euros for this purpose. It's approximately 7 hours of material in total, although we would like to split it up between different translators, because it's a lot for translating. There are also still long parts without anyone talking and we would just need a rather rough translation right now.

I would write you the details once we find someone. The film is an atmospheric documentary film about the intimacy of a small village and what happens when tourists pass through. It will probably be about 80 minutes – our first feature film :)


I hope it's okay to post this request here. I really like this board and the Vietnamese language and we are looking into every possibility for translating, as all our other attempts didn't lead to anything yet.


Kind regards,


Feb 16, 2015 11:19 AM
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Chào chị :)


Thanks for your fast and kind reply. I know about Tết and of course it's okay to wait the 10 days.

Do you think your friend's friend's friends could translate a short sample for us, so both of us can be sure whether they understand it? It might be good so they can see how much work they will have to put into it, too.

I can send you some snapshots of the film via personal message, too, and I'm also interested in helping out in German/English and learning Vietnamese ;)

Thanks a lot for your interest and help.


Kind regards


February 16, 2015

Xin chào Mathis. 2 friends of my friends of my friends :D know Muong language, they can translate them into Vietnamese, then I can help translate them into English. But the problem here is they only can start after at least 10 days due to current long vacation for Lunar New Year in Vietnam, and I am not sure how much of work they would accept. I'm trying to get more people involved. Please let us know if it helps you out anyway.

PS: your project sounds so interesting. Good luck to you and your team!




February 16, 2015
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