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Katrina HU
How can I learn Korean quickly?

     I'm really into Korean culture and I want to go for a trip there on my own. So I am working hard on learning Korean these days. Lots of people have said that Korean was easier to learn for Chinese people because there were many words had similar prounciation between both of the languages. Can anybody give me some suggestion ? Like uh..watching Korean dramas and variety shows or something else. I will heartily appreciate it .:)

Feb 16, 2015 11:39 AM
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for you, both english and korean are second language. how did you study english first? and what way did you use? that can be a answer. 

February 16, 2015

My only suggestion would be figuring out how you learn best first. I think if you know japanese, Korean would be easy to pick up because of the grammar, whereas Chinese and English have similar grammar. Cantonese (only learnt a little) has many similar words to Korean ( i can't remember them at the moment).  


I would suggest looking at "Korean Grammar in Use beginning" by Ahn Jean-myung & co. It is everything you need to know in getting started. Its my korean grammar bible. Especially for beginners. Also "Talk to me in" have easy to use and understandable lessons. 


Getting a tutor works as well. I would suggest not doing a langauge exchange unless you know enough vocabulary in Korean and grammar, other wise you will be overwhelmed but how much you need to learn. I have been studying for 2 years now, and have only just started to have langauge exchanges and I'm gaining a lot from them, but I can't imagine doing it a year ago, I probably would of cried! ;)


Watching Korean dramas and Reality shows in korean may help you. What's important is that you understand the context of what you are watching that way you will learn something, otherwise, it will all just sound like noise. 


Once again, you may find you learn quicker by being exposed to the langauge, or you may find memorising and practice works better for you. I know when i started learning Japanese, I did a lot of revision, because of Kanji, but with Korean its different, I find studying a little bit and then getting exposure through Langauge exchanges and lessons very helpful.


Hopefully this helps, and good luck with your studies. 


February 16, 2015

I agree with Matthew about the book. It has an unnatural example sentence here and there, but it's great overall. It's good for grammar of course, but also you'll get a lot of useful vocabulary as well. Although I already knew half of the stuff in the beginners book, it was fun doing the little assignments for practice. It also has pictures!


I actually bought the book twice because I lost my backpack at the airport.

February 16, 2015

I'm also learning korean right now and bought the book Korean form zero...there was a free pdf version of the book on their website, but it currently shut down.. :/


March 17, 2015
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