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english movies with chinese dubs

if you watch a Chinese movie or some kind of talk shows with english dub, would you feel weird?

for me, as a native chinese speaker, every time i hear chinese dub in a english film, it's an unspeakable feeling and kind of make me feel creep.

my english is pretty bad, so you may find that my whole writing doesn't connect with each other. i i really hope that someone can save my poor english.

2015년 2월 17일 오전 1:07
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aegis, wow.
Did You have the same as we in 90s??? One I wrote a brief history of 2 of our legendary dubbers of everything in 90s exaclty for your 'profanity' thread. I haven't send it, because it doesn't belong there.

Such dubbig for well to some movies though, and there is soem fan base of those guys. And there's a sirious argument, that speaking without intonation (actually every one of them invented an unique style and 'universal' intonation. i dont' believe he speaks this way) doesn't contaminates the original.

My friends wrote a radio-play at that time. It started parodizing the most famous of these voices, the one, whom people joked about (and some believed it indeed) that he wears clothespin on his nose :
"2048 год. Земля а-аккупирована А-американцами". (Year 2048. Earth is occupied by Americans).
It was Yeltsin time, and even before Kosovo. Russia and the US were sort of friends and that wasn't lolitics) It was just that it were always American good guys fighting occupants in all those American movies starting with "2048".

2015년 2월 17일

I agree with kraut9, the original sound is much better. It's a shame that all the classic martial arts films were dubbed with goofy english voices. I think there were only about 4 guys working in the dubbing industry back then, and they all lived in the Beaver's neighborhood.

2015년 2월 17일

ahaha, I ever feel the same, for the very first time watching movie with english subtitle I can't even understand one word from it. What I am doing just pay attention to the picture and try to guess what the actor tries to speak with another. But it's really fun for me.

2015년 2월 17일

I don't like dubbed movies at all. In any language. Dubbing ruins the movie for me. Both artistically and linguistically. 

2015년 2월 17일

"for well to"= fits well to

2015년 2월 17일
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