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Which do you prefer - Avatar or The Little Prince?

I know a lot of people on this forum don't care for the movie Avatar, but really like the book The Little Prince. I'm the opposite, so I wonder if there is a correlation. How do you feel about these works of art?

Feb 17, 2015 6:06 AM
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   I liked the movie Avatar, but I would have difficulty trying to compare the movie with an entirely unrelated book.


    I tried to use the book  "The Little Prince"   as reading material for some students,

but there was so much unusual vocabulary.


 I have always been searching for written material that can  by  some sort of system that integrates  graduated instruction,  specific vocabulary  by degrees, combined with repetition of vocabulary already learned.


   I was able to use  "The Story of Jumping Mouse"   as a lesson  because there is not so much

strange vocabulary in it.


   The movies and books will teach in a different   way. The one Movie that I have used for a long time

as a teaching material  is Lionel Bart's   "OLIVER!"



February 17, 2015

I think Avatar more commercial product. Avatar's story looks as Disney's Pocahontas' story. I've watched Avatar only because 3D picture.

February 17, 2015

And after all, an Avatar is a movie... My father used to (half-jokingly) say about our TV with semi-dead tube: "But it leaves a lot of place for imagination". When they bought new HD LED one, my mother cmplaned seriously next week: 'it leaves too little place for imagination:(". I laughed a lot.

February 17, 2015

I haven't watched Avatar. I still plan it.

- We were staging The Little Prince with my class when i was at 6 grade of school,
- it had really nice translation of a great translator (the mere fact that it's known in Russia and some proverbs coming form there are sole responsibility of translator: we printed small number of titles in huge number of copies, so she had to take a stand and won a fight to getit printed),
- I read it really early in my childhood, so it is just the part of invetory with which I think
- and yes, it's great wrk of art.

No chanses, it is an uneven fight. If you ask to compare Bible with Quran, you shoold find an atheist frist.

February 17, 2015

Dan Smith just wiped out my theory.

February 18, 2015
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