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Your attitude or one more question about parents and their children

One more question on the psychological theme.

That's not a secret most of parents in all over the World want their children to be happy. There is just only one difference - some of them give their offsprings a chance to make choice by themself, another part choose for them.

I'm interested to find out your attitude to this subject? What way did/ do you feel if your parents have made/ make a choice for you compelled or persuaded to "take" their "the only right" points of view for your "bright future" and what kind consequances it came to? 


Major issue is "to allow children make their own choices" or "to supervise them"


Feb 17, 2015 3:12 PM
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Thanks Bruce for your detailed and itemized answer.

In reality the fact is that some parents can't get used to that "phenomenon" their children is already grew up. They can't put up with their "role" in their children's lives comes down to "giving advice"

February 19, 2015

The proposition begs the question as to what "Parenting" is.


   The parenting role is poorly   identiifed and poorly articulated in most major cultures.


   Parenting therefore,   becomes a form of tyranny, in which the "parenting" never ends.


  However, a better articulated understanding of the subject,  would identity  a time for the parenting role to begin  (birth),  and a time   when the parenting role begins.


   Somewhere in the mid teen years,  the parenting role  of decision making for the child should strongly diminish.   The parent should advise if they  choose, but the power to compel or  prescribe anything by absolute order should be withdrawn. 


 By the time the child is about 18 years of age,  "parenting" as such, should end, as the offspring is no longer a "child" but an adult.



February 17, 2015
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