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The most important and useful verbs in Hungarian

Szia! Could anyone write me the list of very useful Hungarian verbs for beginner? 


Feb 18, 2015 3:00 AM
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Sorry Julia,

the basic forms for the verbs to take/to buy and to do/to put are vesz and tesz not veszik and teszik. In Hungarian the dictionary form of the verb is 3rd Person Singular.


szól valamiről, valakihez - to say about something, to call/address/say(to) someone

e.g A film szerelemről szól - The film says/is about love.

Szólj hozzám - speak to me!


Hope it helps.

February 24, 2015

These are that first come to mz mind. They are vary common.


dolgozik valamiként, valamivel, valahol – to work as a …, with sth, somewhere (a cégnél – at the company)
fél valamitől – to be afraid of sth
utazik valahava – to travel somewhere
kávézik – to drink coffee
lát valamit – to see sth (Acc.)
néz valamit, valamire – to watch something (valamit), to look at sth (valamire)
találkozik valakivel, valahol – to meet someone, somewhere
emlékszik valamire – to remember sth
elfelejt valamit – to forget sth
megjegyez valamit – to memorize sth
ad valamit valaminek – to give sth someone
kap valamit valakitől – to get sth from someone
eszik valamit – to eat sth
iszik valamit – to drink
veszik valamit valakitől valakinek – to buy, to take sth, from someone, for someone
teszik valamit valahova – to put sth, to do sth (valamit)
csinál valamit – to do, to make
főz valamit – to cook, to boil
használ valamit, valamire – to use sth (valamit), to use sth for (valamire)
szól valamiről, valakihez -
lakik valahol - to live somewhere
él – to live
történik - to happen


You can conjugate them on:


February 24, 2015



here is a link with some useful hungarian phrases ( the lady originally speaks french and hungarian and with english subtitle)


I hope it is useful.


Have a nice day!




February 24, 2015
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