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who of our have studyied a foreign language for a long time and when we meet natives speaker we can't speak?

Than than one I happened that when I was walking on the street . A native english stop me and give me information and When I tried to explain him/her ...I could speak fluently.. and finally ...I said one ot two words .Sometimes I make more signals because of the words do not come out of my mouth . That situation is embarrazzing to me after that I've studied english for a long time.

Feb 18, 2015 7:52 AM
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If you are learning a new language, it is impossible to not embarrass yourself at some point. It is an inevitable aspect of language learning. I was just embarrassed yesterday trying to speak Urdu with someone because they were speaking so fast and I had to keep asking for them to repeat themselves. I try to imagine if someone with poor English skills (my native language) tried to talk to me but was having a lot of trouble, and how much respect I would have for them considering courage it took to try to exercise their limited skills in order to improve them. 

February 18, 2015

Some corrections first...


Have any of you studied a foreign language for a long time but upon meeting a native speaker, you couldn't say a word?


This happened to me once when I was walking along the street. A native English speaker stopped me and told me something, and when I tried to respond ...I thought I could speak fluently... I finally said one or two words. I even made hand signals because the actual words wouldn't come out of my mouth. That situation was embarrassing to me, having studied English for a long time.


Learning words is one thing, but being able to react is another. I think the best soultion is to find more English speakers to talk to, and that way you'll be able to use the language in a practical context.  Yes, there will be some embarrassment and feelings of stupidity, but avoiding it will only make the problem worse. Good luck!

February 18, 2015

It happens also to me. Don't worry work hard and I'm sure you will see the result in the future.



February 18, 2015

To feel embarrassed is a lie but your English level is too low yet truer, could possibly mean to reduce your level or find out a patient foreigne friend who is really willing to teach you straightaway.  


Sorry there is no fake complement from me. 

February 18, 2015

You haven't defined "a long time". If you're using a well-balanced learning program, and you begin to converse after about 300 hours or so, you should be ok at basic conversation. You'll still have problems, but you'll improve quickly until you reach saturation at a high A1, low A2 level.

From what you wrote, my best guess is that's not happening with you, and it's probably because you aren't using a well-balanced learning program.

February 19, 2015
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