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Egyption Arabic slang

well when it comes to Arbic that's used in book which called فصحة ( fosha ) it differ somehow than arbic slang which is used by public 

when you meet someone in street you can say كيف حالك ؟ (keif halek ) but it would be alittle bit wired because it's not the slang that normal people use  so you can say ازيك ؟ (azyek ) 

and you can answer تمام - كويس so it's a slang 

if you want to say لا شيء which mean nothing you can say it ولا حاجة 

i watch tv ( انا بتفرج علي التلفزيون ) 

i want = عايز  in fosha it's اريد (ored )

today = اليوم (fosha ) = النهارده (slang )

yesterday = امس fosha = امبارح (slang )

tomorrow = غدا ( fosha ) = بكره (bokra -slang )


there is alot of words on that way you can ask about the slang of a sentence and i would with pleasure tell you

and finally don't annoy and distract yourself should i learn fosha or slang !!just go on your way and everything will come by practise as long as you are intersted  

18 févr. 2015 22:50
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اه، معاكي حق ميه ميه. انا كنت عارف ان المعنى كده

19 février 2015

Hi kevin well as you said  حاجة mean thing so when you someone asks you do you want something 

so he asks عايز حاجة ؟ 


and sometime if someone looks worried so you ask him فيه حاجة ؟  which mean is there any problem or anything so ye it's commonly used 


and you are welcome 

19 février 2015

Anvar في العامية هذة ليست مشكلة حقيقة لأن الشخص الذي تتحدث معه موجود وجها لوجه 

it's not a serious problem because the one you are talking about in the room with you 

but you can use pronoun if you are talking about someone that doesn't around your eyes 

19 février 2015

Musafir Thank you 


19 février 2015

ممكن تصحيح بسيط؟

اريد = انا عايز

لو قلتها من غير "انا"، كنتي فاهماني غلط

على سبيل المثال: 

انت عايز، هو عايز






19 février 2015
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