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Correction please?

Good morning i call to witness to what happened the 25th of december. well i'm very affraid to speak about this story. It began the 24th of december, it was 12:00 when i saw the fight beetween docteur hornet and thomas junior. Then i saw thomas junior leaved the house at 12:15. To 2:00 at 4:00 pm dr hornet was in his study with his associate eddie blackbird. Later, at 6:oo pm Emily hornet was drinking a tea with a friend. Jennie lovelace passed out while serving dinner at 7:30 pm. The 25th at 2:10 i heard a gun shot in the study who was in front of my home. So i came the must fast possible. well. i was very shocked to see that. The corpse of doctor hornet was on the floor. and next to the corpse there was a pochet contening a cinéma card and a big buns. he was in a room made up of a living room and a desk. there was a glass on the table. A gate led to an other room where i saw an apple and a shoez. when i discovered this scene awfull i was very saddened .

as for me, the murderer may have killed docter hornet because the fight of the day before, i think that docter hornet may have came back home the 25 th and on the night thomas must have enter by the window because there are fingerprints next to the window. And when he entered he was drunking alcool while docter hornet was in the room eating an apple. After to kill him he had 10 minutes to leave the home before that the police be there. And at 5 :30 he returned to the home to appear innocent.

Feb 19, 2015 5:36 PM
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