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Learn the local language before you move abroad or travel

I've lived for 2 years and a half in a country(Denmark), different than my motherland and this spring I'll start working for some months in a third country (Romania) and as a person passionate about language learning, I choose the countries I want to visit, study or work in based on the language spoken in the area. My personal recommendation for people who are about to travel or to move to a different country, is to prepare linguistically before arriving in the country. Depending on the case, moving or travelling to a new country can be a stressful experience, because you start your life from stratch in an environment, where people speak another language and everything is new and at the end of the day learning the local language is the last thing you want to do. Moreover, you're much more likely to rely on people from your own country or on other foreigners, in order to get around. Even though many people nowadays get around the world with English just fine, you become dependent on other foreigners or English-speaking locals to translate everything for you. In times of crisis local people are always preferred in the local job market. Wouldn't it be better if you are able to figure out everything by yourself from the first day? To be able to fulfill your potential in a different community than the one you grew up in.

What is your opinion on this topic?

If you are going to move or to travel to Denmark or Bulgaria in near future, you are very welcome to ask me for advice and book a language lesson with me.

Feb 19, 2015 8:32 PM
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Before I relocated the first time my level of fluency was around A2, which helped me understand the signs and the housing offers, but I wish I had studied a little bit more with more focus on speaking beforehand, so that I could skip some stages of the initial frustrations of communicating with people of different cultural background. But it's not only the linguistic ability that matters. Especially in Europe people will try to put you in the same box with other foreigners, who don't know the local language and treat you like them.


February 20, 2015

Excellent advice! What is your fluency level and how long did you study before relocating to another country?

February 19, 2015
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