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Question for those who learned Japanese.

Hello, so... this isn't a question for native speakers, but I guess they can bring something into discussion if they'd like. Anyway, I have joined to this site today since I realized that I have so much time on my hands and no life whatsoever, so why not use that time for learning a new language. :) I wanted to try my luck with Japanese for so many years, but due to my laziness, I never actually tried. My question would be... is it hard? lol... How did you learn Japanese and why? I'm not a fan or, better said, I was never "exposed to" manga cartoons and things like that, and I bet that's probably the way how many of you started learning Japanese... or you were just fascinanted by Japanese culture. I must admit, Japanese culture is something I admire to, but when I start learning a language, any language... I somehow lose hope when I realize... "I'll never gonna need this crap"... :D And finally, is it smart to focus on talking and not writing? I mean talking is mostly what I wanna learn. Okay, it's more than one question, but... xD ... and the reason why I'm asking so many questions is because I can't find anyone from my country who actually speaks Japanese nor I have any online Japanese friends. I prefer books over skype, cause I'm shy and anti-social. Any free sites worth checking?

19 Th02 2015 23:37
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Hello  Emhyr, I started learning Japanese accidentely last summer.

How accidentely? Well, I was looking for some material to learn German on Internet. Then find some videos for learning Japanese named as WakuWaku Japanese. Before it I thought, like most of people, that it is one of the hardest language because of all that characters. These videos are for totaly beginners and there you can learn everyday phrases using Romaji (like English alphabet). When I saw it i found out it is interesting and not so difficult, so I started learning. At first I did not want to learn characters but after some time I started learning Hiragana using JaSensei app for mobile phone.

Lately, I did not learn Japanese. I have a lot of obligations at school and that makes me not feel to learn anything else. I know Hiragana, but I have to remind it again and I know some basic phrases. So I deffinitely have to start leaning it again.


At first I really recommend you WakuWaku Japanese on Youtube. When you start learning you will see that it is not a lot of harder than other languages (of course if you do not want to be proffesional in it as someone already said in discussion).

I wish you a lot of luck, and do not wait. Find some resurce that suits you and start learning.

Ganbatte! :)

22 tháng 2 năm 2015

I found that if you focus only on talking you will be more confused as there are alot of similarly pronounciated words where you can only differentiate by Kanji (ie. Kami can be paper, hair and God).

21 tháng 2 năm 2015

we use genki I textbook and workbook for beginners (at least at my university) - the link is just to show you how the book looks like.


and as for writing, u can check out quizlet (tons of flashcards etc)

haha thats how this lazy ass survived her tests xD

good luck!

22 tháng 2 năm 2015

4. You can get to use "this crap" and find Japanese friends any time. That's what italki is for. And the MIGHTY INTERNET. Expirience the culture through the original language.

5. Not being exposed to the popular culture (e.g. manga and anime) is not a bad thing. Seriously. I can go on for hours about what's wrong with it.
6. Last one. I sort of cheated, because I got all the basics at my university. Which meant ten hours a week in the class with a professional teacher. Then I watched lots of Japanese telly. Lots.
I chose the language as it was the most interesting among available ones. And the most different from my first language. So learning Japanese became an amazing experience and widened my mind and vision a lot.

Well, I wish you fun and luck and all the good thing you can get from learning!

20 tháng 2 năm 2015

Man, no life and a lot of time on your hands) Tell me about it)  ↓

1. Japanese is a beautiful language, very exciting. Writing systems, grammar, little nuances are all neatly woven together into a wonderful multidimentional canvas of amazingness. It is fun.

2. I don't like all "the hardest in the world" thing. Because it is incomparably simpler than Chinese in terms of phonetics, pretty the same to Korean in terms of grammar, about the same to almost any asian language in terms of politeness, and much easier to read than Korean or Vietnamese.

It is not much harder to learn it at the amateur level  than any other language. It is really hard to learn at the professional level, just as any other language. 

3. If you want to focus on talking, not writing, because you're afraid it is going to be too complicated, don't. In my opinion, writing is one of the best parts. Not least because of its diversity. Also it is just cool to be able to write in strange doodles that actually make sense) Anyway, get the minimum and as you go you will realize how much of it you actually want.

Little tip on how to get over kanas quicker: Draw little gojuuon tables and fill them by heart. No peaking until you're sure you can't remember any more. Repeat few times a day every day. And read. 


20 tháng 2 năm 2015
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