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How's my Chinese reading? 我的汉子读书怎么样?

Me reading a couple of chapters from Assimil Chinese with Ease Vol 2.


我也有Youku ^_^

Feb 21, 2015 12:47 AM
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You got well over half of them right, and you sound pretty good, so congratulations. I listed the things that stood out below. You have some issues with flow, which I'm sure you're aware of. I would suggest that you make shadowing a few minutes part of your daily regime until you get more comfortable.


几点 - 几 s/b ji3, sounded like yi3

谁的 - 的 s/b de5, sounded like de4

办公室 - 公 s/b gong1, sounded like gong4

公司 - s/b gong1si1, sounded like gong4si4

不行 - 行 s/b xing2, sounded like xing1

可能 - 能 s/b neng2, sounded like nang2

很 - hen3, tone is good but your vowel sound is off. It should sound like hun in Attila the hun, not hen in the little red hen.

不下 - 不 due to tone sandhi, this should be pronounced as bu2, not bu4

美国 - 国 s/b guo2, sounded like gou5

当然 - 当 s/b dang1, sounded like dang2

六 - s/b liu4, sounded like you4

我们 - 们 s/b men5, sounded like me5

去 - s/b qu4, sounded like chu4

像 - s/b xiang4, sounded like xiang2

先生 - 先 s/b xian1, sounded like shen4

肯 - ken3, tone is good but your vowel sound is off. It should sound like cun like the c word without the t, not ken like in ken and barbie.

要来 - s/b yao4lai2, sounded like yao3lai3

先生 - 先 s/b xian1, sounded like xian4

时 (shi2 - time) - you have a typo in your subtitles, s/b 是 (shi4 - is)

先生 - 先 s/b xian1, sounded like qin1

陈 - s/b chen2, sounded like chen3

负责 - 责 s/b ze2, sounded like ze4

委员 - s/b wei3yuan2, sounded like wei2yuan3

开会 - 开 s/b kai1, sounded like kai4

两 - s'b liang3, sounded like liang2

不然 -  不 s/b bu4, sounded like bu3

法人 - s/b fa3ren2, sounded like fa'r3



February 21, 2015

Wow! Thanks Mr. Aeigis. I'm aware of the lack of stress when asking questions that didn't contain, 吗。 and nodded while reading at some point to indicate my pronunciation was way off, but your correction gives me enough content to work on :-) 

February 21, 2015

Mr.Aegis' correction is very nice!

February 21, 2015

Correcttion: 我的(or 中文)怎么样?汉子 and 汉字 are different. 汉子 refers to man. The subject of the video on Youku - 老外会看汉子 Other people may understand it in this way - A foreigner who can see men. :)


Your pronunciation is quite good. Keep up the good work. 

February 21, 2015

Oh, yeah. I did notice that men almost made it sound like I said little sister instead of, us.


February 21, 2015
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