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SBS - An excellent source of news podcasts for a large variety of languages

I've been looking for a source of podcasts to practise my listening skills, and I've discovered an excellent source.


The SBS ( uploads about between 10-60 minutes worth of podcasts every day for each of their languages, and they make podcasts for a lot of languages, including some which are more obscure.


Take a look at their list of languages:


If you download the app "Beyondpod" onto your phone, you can download the podcasts onto your phone for offline use. The name and description of each podcast is in English, but the podcasts themselves are all in the language relevant language. For example, the name of the Mandarin podcast is just "Mandarin", and their most recent upload was one called "New campaign to boost recruitment of older workers", but the audio is all in Mandarin. Just looking at their list of podcasts for Mandarin, they've uploaded 44 minutes of news in five different news reports since 5am this morning (it's now 2pm here), and they do it every day for each of their languages.


Unfortunately you can only see and download the last few days worth of uploads from the app, but once you've downloaded a podcast it stays on your device. They upload material faster than I can listen to it, so it's not really a problem. To find the language you're looking for throught the app, search for the name of the language in English and look for the yellow "SBS" symbol. 

Feb 21, 2015 3:19 AM
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