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which word you would like to use when you introduce yourself to someone else?

it is so hard to define ourself:(

Feb 21, 2015 6:31 AM
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February 21, 2015


February 21, 2015

One can offer a broader definition. One might say for example:

"Hello. I am Han and I major in Chemical Engineering at the University of _________;

but my hobby is Chess and I also like to research ancient languages."


"Hello. My name is Han, and I  have   a  degree  in  Journalism  from  _________ University

but I am also interested in  Photography."


     My difficulty was that I was also so "abstract" about this.  I wanted to answer like this:

 "Hello. I'm Bruce. I am  Flesh and Spirit.  I learn as much as I can about everything I can."


   That may be genuine, but   the idea with an introduction is to enlist the aid of all the people

we meet in our world.   Goal and goal direction  has the single purpose to tell people what you really want to do and  what your current  status is.  It always refers to what you are doing.


  If I  had a part time job washing cars, I would tell that as my "part time job"  but also

tell people that I dreamed  of learning everything I can about philosophy.  This is how people know of some way to help you.  One of the great secrets of life, is that just about everything we get, comes from other people. Information,  understanding,  Knowledge:  all of these come from  people who do what they can to help us.  That is how it works.

February 21, 2015

Hello  Han:


 The commone  convention is to define yourself by  your employment,  career,   or your status as a student.   For example, if you work as a hotel desk clerk, you will say:


    I am Han and I am a receptionist.     If you were an artist, you would say;  "I am Han and I am an artist"


    This is  sometimes awkward for some people, who find this a limiting  way of defining self.

The general feeling is that;   "I might DO this,  but it is not WHO or WHAT I am."   Still,  this is the common means of self-definition.   Many here,  for example,  are college students.  Thus,   they might say;   "I am Han, and I am a student.  I major in   Mathematics at    the University of  ________."

February 21, 2015

It depends on the circumstances and why I am introducing myself to that person.I am open,easy to talk to , a little adventurous and sometimes too talkative ;-)

February 21, 2015
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