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Testing Season

This morning I woke up feeling stressed. Why? Well, it is testing season at my school. For the next three months my job as an English teacher is all about helping my students get upgrades on their retests.


I teach English to 70 adult students from all over the world. In one class I usually have 20 different countries represented. I teach life skills, like reading a checkbook, paystub, or health insurance notice. As you can imagine, this material is not the easiest to internalize for an immigrant or refugee who has just worked a 12 hour shift at a factory. My job is really rewarding, but the system I'm working within is frustrating at times because of the standardized tests my students take.


Retesting becomes urgent at this time of the year, because our government funding for next year is tied to test upgrades. In the United States, public schools are funded by the government. The government gives money to public schools based on the test scores of the students. This is called the No Child Left Behind Act. It is causing a lot of problems with public education in the United States right now. You can read more about it here:


Did you already know about this problem in America? How are schools funded in your country? What kinds of problems does the public education system in your country have?

Feb 21, 2015 2:53 PM
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