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Spanish or Italian language...

in future probably i wanna countinue Spanish or Italian language at university. which one do you think is better?why?

feel free if ya could give me a hand with it. :)



Feb 21, 2015 7:06 PM
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I must say I find the Italian language beautiful. I simply love to hear people speaking it, so I'd probably choose it over Spanish. But that's just a personal preference haha!
If you like both languages, I think Spanish is better because, as LilBrito said, it's spoken by many many people around the world. It surely gives you more opportunities than Italian.

February 21, 2015

I think that the two is good, spanish because a lot people speak , and Italy because you will have a differential because few people speak. Learn Spanish, but get Italy too. 

Have a nice day

February 21, 2015

I'm a  spanish speaker and of course I would say spanish is better but not only because is my language but because spanish is spoken in more countries than italian does.


Even when both are european union languages, spanish has more relevance inside the community. 

February 21, 2015

I prefer spanish.

February 21, 2015
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