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Bilingual Education

What do you think of bilingual education? Is it available where you live? Here, schools typically teach kids in English, and offer a foreign language class as one additional class. But there are some schools that teach half of the subjects (such as Math and Science) in the foreign language, and the other half (such as History and Literature) in English. What is your opinion on the ideal education experience?

Feb 22, 2015 1:59 AM
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Yes! It is very important because of globalisation, as Heldo has said. It would certainly help in your career if you were to deal with other businesses overseas. In my country (Singapore), learning two languages is compulsory and it doesn't just cover the basics. It is taught as extensively as the English language, which is taught as a first language. The second language is called "mother tongue" and there are 3 basic options to choose from: Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Tamil (these options are based on the 4 main racial components of our country: Chinese, Malay, Indian, Caucasian). There are instances where another type of mother tongue can be chosen if you're, let's say, a French and your parents prefer that you learn your birth country's language as a mother tongue. Then there is the option to learn your mother tongue elsewhere. However this is not a guarunteed option and every request will need to be approved by the higher ups. Many students even go on to learn a third language (Japanese, French, or German) offered by the education system when they begin Secondary school (ages 13 – 16). However, their grades have to be good to qualify for this priviledge.

February 22, 2015

I think bilingual education is important because of globalization. There are many language options, but in my point of view, English will continue being the standard language in the worldwide. In my Country we have schools that teach a foreign language class as one addition class too, such as Spanish and English which are the most common, but it's taught only the foundation of foreign language grammar. If you want to learn more about foreign language you need to do a conversation course at some school specialized in it. In a regular course school you can choose English as a course and graduate on it when you entry at the college.

In my opinion we need to prior our native language, however we need to provide our kids to learn a second language, because we need to communicate each other in the world and to increase our relationship. Through the internet we don't have barriers anymore.

February 22, 2015

As a matter of fact, there is no country all over the world can spare this particular anxiety. What is important is how to choose and what should be done. As I see it, I believe that culture integration is the destination of cultural globalization, and the contradiction is just the process to reach it. However, I do not mean that we should absorb the exotic culture and degrade our own one, but that we should adopt the essential parts of other cultures and carry forward our cultural characteristics by means of updating it generation by generation.

It is quite common nowadays to find business like MacDonald’s and Jusco here and there, or to see young people celebrating western festivals such as Christmas and Valentines’ Day. They more or less enrich the residents’ life in that they not only broaden our horizons but also provide a way for intercultural communication. People no longer need to travel around in order to experience other countries’ life with the foreign arts as well as commodities surrounding them. Nevertheless, the increasing enthusiasm in pursuing foreign life indeed threats the local commerce and custom so that they represent a problem for the government in preserving and promoting traditional culture.



February 22, 2015 for chinese students ,English is compulsory. We start learning English early in 7 . And by now ,English is one of the College entrance examination (Gaokao...) projects . And nowadays, there is a furious debate about whether we should learn English...And  in a few years’ time,a educational revolution will be on in China...

February 22, 2015
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