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Steven Hong
I hate math

No one loves math.I feel sick when learning math because of teacher’s teaching abstract concepts,I don’t care it’s reason and problems but I have to learn it for I have to take exam.My parents worry about me and interrupt me a lot for fearing that I can’t finish it on time,and remind me to pass the exam or I can’t get my degree.I’m upset and leave myself alone in a quiet room,staring at the books with all kinds of bloody boring formulas but always thinking of the things I want to achieve.

Time flows swiftly and I'm more upset.
Nobody wants to talk me with math,what people often do is to ask someone to help them solve the problems.But I always want to solve problems myself and talk about math with others,which is an easy way to have inspiration solving the problems.I think the problems you work out yourself have the biggest impression,but asking others for help is not.However,I don't know how to talk about math and whether I can find people who are willing to talk with.

22 Şub 2015 08:07
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    Steven    I love math,  but I am limited to    very simple algebra.


    I also experienced what you feel now,   when I was in school. 

  The problem is that the field is full of people who are not very clever  nor  inspiring as individual teachers.


   If ever there was a subject in which a student neede to  Think----Outside---The---Box  it is in math.

I keep  about  75  math books of all kinds in my library.  I love math, but hated the teachers.

I study math as a hobby, but only at about a middle school level.


    I   could really offer an inspired talk  if given the opportunity.

  I would discuss  the badly written text books and the uninspiring individuals who teach math at length.


      However,   I would like to tell you to look into  more than  a single textbook on any math subject.

Study the entire concept in as many books as possible.  It may be that you actually have a brilliant mathematical mind.  Remember;  in college,  even Albert Einstein  thought  his Physics Teacher   was boring and uninspired and lackluster.  The Physics Teacher  thought Einstein  was not a serious thinker and thought him  a bit of a foolish youth.



22 Şubat 2015

I love math. Simple straight forward logic. Much better then language, that has not much logic in it. OK, other then computer languages, C++, php etc. Love those too.

22 Şubat 2015

I love maths, It's like a game that I enjoy it truly

23 Şubat 2015

I also hate math the most. However I am good in math but I hate it because of math proffessors.

In primary school I had the worst proffesor ever who made me be afraid of doing math tests. He always wanted to made like I do not know something and if I do sth correctly he will ask more and more. But this did not stop me to have the best mark. I proved him that I am a lot of better in math than students he complimented always.

Today in high school we have other proffessor. She is teaching well but she is very strict. For now, I do not have problems just sometimes if I once make mistake she behave like I am always mistaking.



Endure it and think that it is just some period that you have to learn it. It will come time when it will be past and you will be happy. Do your best and show that you can that!!!

22 Şubat 2015

Dan Smith, seems like 'logarithmic universe' is a genre in itself. It would be nice to know, when and by whom is was drawn for the first time:)

Several years ago I considered buying this poster (as i like the author):
But then I found it on the door of my friends bedroom and decided not to order:)

23 Şubat 2015
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