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How to speak out fluently by month when you are learning new languages?

All of us in the italki must be learning new languages. Do you find that it's difficult to speak out fluently.


I just answer "Yes,I do./No.I don't" when people ask me some questions. I need time to think about what to say and how to answer... oh my gosh. My English isn't quite bad! You see, I do writing!


For this, we all have many reasons, like:


I have limit words.

My pronunciation is bad.

I'm really shy.

I don't understand what you are saying.

I'm not good at chatting.

There is nothing to tell.

I haven't the slightest idea.


Me too... I used serval excuses of them.


OK, Who could help me through this problem? Sometimes I think I need a friend who is a native speaker with the English which I am learning. And she would teach me how to answer questions one by one. But, Where is she? She's too far from me. Maybe nobady has so much time and vigor to help a stranger... But I still believe I will find her.


This is my problem. Do you have the same one? and how did you solve it?


Finally, I wish I can find the right person as soon as possible ~

Feb 22, 2015 8:29 AM
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In my opinion to speak fluent in any new language it's not possible in a month,, and the  reason you have given, I think it's same for all. Daily speaking practice with native English speakers is key to be fluent in speaking. 

February 22, 2015

Oh, I made a mistake with the titile. mouth* not month!

February 22, 2015


if you read and listen enough, whole phrases stick in your mind and are ready for use. When you start speaking, they come to you so naturally you don't even notice. 

Just start speaking, no matter how many mistakes you make. People might make a little fun of you but they won't really laugh at you.

February 22, 2015


Thank you very much! ^^




Yes, you're right.

but, through enough listening, writing, reading, also hardly open mouth to speak fluent english, it's the biggest problem...

February 22, 2015


I have already correct the tittle... not "month" but "mouth"...


and.. you are right, practice with native english speakers is really a good way to improving. But my question is can't and afraid open mouth.


I feel it is the bigest problem...


February 22, 2015
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