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In your opinion, are russian people agressive?

In russian news yesterday journalist mention that many foreigners consider russian or other USSR nation as an agressive people. Is it true? 

2015年2月22日 19:21
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I wouldn't say aggressive because it connotats a very bad attribute for their personality. I just think Slavic people overall usually are "less open" at first sight than people from other nationalities, like Spain, Italy or Latin America countries. It's a matter of culture, or cultural identity. Personally Russians use to be very nice to me, and a strong feature they have is that they are always willing to help when it comes to learning their language, at least many of them. 

Also it's important to point they are frank, which sounds rude sometimes, but cannot be classified as a bad quality or aggressiveness. Again, it's about of how you analyze other's behavior. Usually we use our culture as the standard of comparison, which is undoubtedly wrong.

Hi Jania.


I have heard that russian people are "cold", not agressive.


I've never met a russian.


Anyway, I don't believe in generalisations. :)


I went to graduate school with some Russian girls and this one Russian guy and they were very warm, friendly, open and like to drink! lol


There seems to be a stereotype of Russians that they like to drink alcohol and to get into fights, probably due to the alcohol.


Here in the USA, there has been a stereotype of people of Irish descent that is similar. I have Irish roots and I can say honestly that I have not touched alcohol in over 30 years. Also, getting into a fist fight is about the last thing that I would ever want to do.


So, yes, these kinds of stereotypes exist, but they are obviously false when you look primarily at the individual. A point that a Russian author who was very famous in the USA, Ayn Rand, was fond of making.

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