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Are there some websites in welsh and irish, easy to read for beginners?

Reading helps me a lot with the languages im I thought it may be good. I am not even intermediate in welsh, but i think I could read some simple texts.

Even if I'm not yet learning irish, soon I hope to start it as well...

Feb 22, 2015 9:30 PM
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I came across this:

You can read short articles on various topics in both northern and southern Welsh.


You may also find something on the BBC Wales website:


For Irish, you could try Beo!, an online magazine with built-in translation of difficult words and phrases:


There are quite a lot of fairly inexpensive little books available for students of both Irish and Welsh which contain on-page, or end-of-book glossaries of new or difficult words. One example is the Welsh series Cam at y Cewri, published by Gomer.


Se mi vengono in mente altri, ti faccio sapere.

February 26, 2015

hope that might help you

December 14, 2016

Thanks Coligno, that will be very useful for practicing. Since reading only grammar books, once i become about intermediate, come be boring and for the little books i dont know if they are aviable outside the UK. 

Grazie mille per i consigli!

February 28, 2015
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