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How can we learn foreign language effectively?

I've tried quite a lot of ways to improve my language skills. 

But chatting online or using apps were not that helpful.

(mainly because I don't like to be obsessed with electric devices...:'( ) 

I also watched Youtube or TED videos, which insist to practice the language using it always. 

Though it's not easy it you live in your country and your town. 


Do you have any idea of learning foreign languages?

or can you give me some advices :) ?

Feb 23, 2015 3:45 AM
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Well, what I try to do to improve my English level is to use it as much as possible. For example, I started to read a lot in that language, like books, novels and news. Also, when I read I try to do it at loud voice to practice a bit the pronunciation, and I check often if I pronounced something correctly using Google translator. On the other hands I also try to write in English, like notes at work. I also try to do my other hobbies in that language, for example playing video games.


February 23, 2015

I think the best way to improve one's second language should be trying to use it in an active way-- communicate with people in that languge in your study, work as well as in everyday life. Pronunciation and meaning of the words you are learning is one important thing one needs to master, because only when one has mastered them can one learn to read and speak. Also, it is important to make oneself immersed in the languge one is learning.

February 23, 2015

in my opinion u just need to open ur mouth and speak 'voive to voice'.....when i learn oral English,I always talk with my western friends anytime...but u know at the frist time u maybe feel it's difficult...please keep going on ...u will have a big progress in the furture.....I want to learn korean language ...can we make friends and study each other?^-^

February 24, 2015

expose yourself as often as possible to english like movie, tv, and music. I know you can speak english but probably you just lack confidence in expressing yourself in english you dont have to worry about it when youre in a situation of communicating with foreigners particulary with native english speakers, they are not expecting anything specially if they know that youre from other country, as long as you can understand and can speak basic english i think thats fine. Have confidence and that would be it :) 

February 23, 2015

Thank you for your comment. :)

I also tried that ways but in my opinion, speaking with other person is different matter. 


being alone, I'd love to read, listening and writing. 

When I, however, went abroad and met foreigners face to face, it was hard to talk with them spontanously. and repeating 'sorry?', 'pardon?' or 'wie bitte?' made me feel nervous and shy. 


what do you think about this situations? :)

February 23, 2015
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