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Công Peter
What do people from Western and Eastern coutries think and talk about POLITICS issues??

It's obvious that people have different opinions on politics, both in their countries and others.

The thing is why and how they avoid talking about it?

And is there completely nothing about it they are allowed to discuss?


Please discuss the topic "People and politics"! 

Feb 23, 2015 4:23 PM
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In the United States, it is commonly said that whenever you are in a group of people who are not close personal friends, there are three topics you should not discuss: "sex, politics, and religion." Experience shows that it is just not possible to keep discussions of these topics friendly. They always get more and more heated and eventually someone gets angry.



February 24, 2015

Hi there,

If someone is discussing politics and it is a particularly prickly subject that you'd like to avoid, there are many things you can say which won't be offensive in the slightest.

Some include;
"I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I would prefer if we didn't discuss politics" 
" I am not versed enough in this topic of politics to discuss. Do you mind if we change the subject?"
"Sorry Sir/Madam, I don't publically discuss my political views"
" I respect your opinion, however I do not wish to disclose my personal or political views at this moment"

This way you are being polite yet succinct. Your peer will understand and should respect your request if you address your request in a gentle manner. People enjoy debating politics because it gives them an excuse to argue! I don't think I've ever had a discussion about politics that hasn't become heated.

February 24, 2015

You can be direct and say "I don't like to talk about politics." or just "Let's talk about something else." It's common for people to avoid it. 

February 24, 2015

If a person is open enough to talk, communicate, there is nothing unable to talk or think. Politics is also able to be talked. Nonetheless, not everyone is open to be challenged in different angles.


People cannot live without politics and I consider there is no need to probit political issues to be talked here unless there is rude offense.

February 24, 2015

Though, Personal Maeesages that contain names of  some of major religions don't arrive in time (and could actuaaly be premoderated:/)

February 23, 2015
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