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Chinese Friends Do you like Japanese People? Why or Why not? Chinese Friends do you like Japanese People? Why or Why not? I often ask my Chinese Friends here in China if they want to travel to Japan. I get a mix of yes and no answers. The no answers are usually followed by a strong " I hate the Japanese."
Dec 28, 2008 3:44 PM
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I agree with Belly above. Admitting what you have done is the basic character of people.
All the comunications and cooperations are based in this.
December 31, 2008
i dont  like some part of J cause they dont  admit the history 
December 30, 2008
The books told us ,the people is innocent ,it is fault of the government .But in fact ,i just listen to our leader's policy ,if it is time to show goodness to jp,we do it ,and if it is time to show the sword, we do it ,just bear in mind ,jp is not  good humankind,they are restricted tightly by rules and self-disciplined ,so most of time ,they united closedly ,and in fact ,they are much more abnormal than other countries .
Dont be deceived by their appearance,we must have unique judegement and intelligence.We need to look thorugh the cover and see what it hide. That is not a human heart.Animal ..
December 30, 2008

I have met 2 Japanese,all of them were very kind.and I always say don't worry it not your wrong.However,I can not say like or no.because my feeling is very complicated. Fireflytech,if somebody hurted your heart ,and never appologize ,how would your feeling be?One good turn deserve another,so one bad turn shoud deserve what?

December 29, 2008

As a Chineses ,everyone knows about the history what had happened between China and Japan.But ,for now,all is past ,we cherish the peace time now .so ,i enjoy the beautiful scenery in Japan ,not  care too much about before .We all live for the moment now ,and not for the past and for the future!~that's my thinking about life and the Japanese people!~just fine ,and cherish the moment now !~

December 29, 2008
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