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What do you think about the new year?

I find this Spring festival so busy and boring,what do you often do in your country in new years,how do you celebrate the new year?

Feb 24, 2015 5:01 AM
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Last week I celebrated the Chinese New Year and for me as a foreigner it was really interesting. I like the fact that many people in chinese culture have big families, so if you don't see each other very often you can share more time together.


In my country we don't have a celebration during the same period of the Chinese New Year, but we actually do the same during December 24th and 25th (Christmas) and December 31st and January 1st (New Year), gather with family, eat a lot or travel somewhere, if possible. I think if you don't spend a lot of time with family it can be very entertaining but I understand that you can feel bored easily, sometimes you feel there are not many things you can do, but is always good to use your free time during the holidays on a smart way, keep studying!



February 24, 2015

well in mi country is a way like special,something noisy cause i live in colombia but my real city where i was born is cali, valle...and all this happened in my city i dont know in another places.

at the begining of december people like to celebrate going out,on the streets and they start to throw flour,water and burn toys,listening music in differents places and houses too.. making noise in the neiborhoods that lasts four days but specifically in down town where i live.

in mid-december the most people who works in banks,offices deparments,they don´t comeback until the beginning for example january 6th or 7th the next year.

in that remaining time until december 31th..we are going to celebrate and artist from different countries come to my city because is like a carnaval,but the real party start in 25th december since there people is going to crazy,electronic festival,orchests,singers,ride horsing,events,theaters open,night clubs,disco night clubs,differents bars,around the city with the music that you love, is here.......all the city is carnaval,beauty and hottest women ever seen,and foreingers people comes to our carnaval,and the other important thing is wherever you are you can buy alcohol,beer...every day it´s to become in holidays...and when the year is going to finish december 31th.. that day  many owners allow that their employes going to home and sharing with their families and we receive us the happy new year....yeahhhh...please if i had a mistake i will appreciate your correction..thakxxxx..remember i just learn everyday.

February 24, 2015
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