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Gile Wei
Ways to express yesterday, today and tomorrow in English.

Hi all!

I just made a list for answering a question about how to express today, yesterday..ect. in Chinese, and found that it could be nice if you guys could also share ways to express them in English. 


Here's the list:

天(sometimes can be replaced by 日, and 日 sounds more formal.)
大前天 或 三天(日)前 - three days ago
前天 或 兩天(日)前 - two days ago
昨天(日) - yesterday
今天(日) - today
明天(日) - tomorrow
後天 或 兩天(日)後 - two days later
大後天 或 三天(日)後 - three days later

三個月前 - three months ago
上上個月 或 兩個月前(more formal) - two months ago
上個月 或 前月(more formal) - last month
這個月 或 本月(more formal) - this month
下個月 或 次月(more formal) - next month
下下個月 或 兩個月後(more formal) - two months later
三個月後 - three months later

大前年 或 三年前 - three years ago
前年 或 兩年前 - two years ago
去年 或 上一年 - last year
今年 或 本年(not often used) - this year
明年 或 次年 - next year
後年 或 兩年後 - two years later
大後年 或 三年後 - three years later

Feb 24, 2015 10:00 AM
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If your reference point is "now", then we usually say "from now" to mean in the future. Two days from now, eight years from now. "Later" isn't always the right phrase because it is used in reference to other points in time, not just now.


So, use ago / from now if your reference point is the present. 

February 24, 2015
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