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Why do you learn a new language?

Do you ever really ask yourself why you want to learn a new language?

The purposes are obvious: additional job skill, immigration, travels, studies aboard, academic necessity, etc. And these reasons are valid and motivated which encourages us to bury our heads in thick language textbooks.

Mastering a new language is not so easy as we expected.At least it takes time.For me, I have learned English for a decade.With time passing by,I nearly forget my original passion of English at the bottom of my heart.Every time I remember the first moment I touched English,I can still feel that exciting moment.It is because I love it.But how about now?Yep,finally, I choose my ideal major--English.Wheras,the original feelings have almost eliminated.To improve my overall abilities,I have tried so hard and have to face so many different exams which make me exhausted.I am not afraid of the exams themselves,but my feelings of it.Sometimes,I will ask my self whether I  regret my decision.The answer is no.Undeniably, learning English better is still my goal,my dream,even my passion.Recently,I am preparing for my interpreting exams and gain a lot.And Via Italki,I have made so many friends around the world.I suddenly find I could effectively communicate with people not of my country and culture and I can perceive the amazing feelings from my heart.Now,I am not so worried and nervous as before.I deeply believe that there so many people sitting by me in the same boat towards the same direction.

Here,I want to stress that dear friends,never say give up,never lose your passion and your original dream.Just insist it! I bet most of you have watched the Shawshank Redemptiom,even he can make it,so why can't we?

Feb 24, 2015 12:05 PM
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Nice message Wendy.  You  are  an interesting person to know, and you are bilingual.

February 24, 2015
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