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Mohammed Al-Gahaffi
What do you know about colours of camel??

Camels with bedouin have many different colors depend on the place where the camel live.


Some of the colors in the Arabic language has no name in English,

So I will mention the name of color in Arabic with definition in English.

In English language masculine and feminine usually comes in one word, unlike the Arabic language


Let's us start


1. الاوضح camel male

الوضحاء  camel female 

First colour , called clearest

which has white colour.



2. المغاتير (Al-Magater)

Which means  herd of camels that has white colour.



3. الحمراء (Red)


Camels with lint, which is a little white and mixed with reddish.




4. الشعلاء (Al-Shala)

Camels with lint which tends to color to red.




5. المجاهيم ( Al-Majaheem )


Herd of black camels




6. الصفراء (Yellow)


Camel with black color tinged with reddish. ( there is no camel has yellow colour just this name of colour)




7. الشقحاء (Al-Shagha)


Camel, which is white, red  and black from rear.




8. السمحاء (Al-Samha)


Camel which is color mixing of black and red.




9. جالمة (Jalma)


Camel which is black




10. وضحاء (wadha)


Camel which is white




11. شهلاء ( Shahla)


Camel which is brown



There is also more colour name of camels.. I wrote what I remembered


Thank you


Feb 24, 2015 4:37 PM
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I like all colours but I perfer colour N.8 Camel which is color mixing of black and red.




February 24, 2015

#Dan Smith Thank you for sharing your opinion.. That's very nice.. camels is very different from other animals.. if you examine everything in camels you will find a lot of amazing secrets

February 24, 2015

This is very interesting. I had no idea. We don't see many camels in the United States and I just thought they were all a sort of yellowish-brown color, without spots or patterns.


I do remember reading a book on the physiology of domestic animals, and it seemed as if the camel was always an exception to everything. For example, camels' red blood cells have a nucleus, unlike every other animal's, etc.

February 24, 2015
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