making passive

how we make passive of given sentences


After taking her to the hospital, i dropped her at her place.


Smoke and flames engulfed the area and made rescue operations difficult.


explain with structures to make passive of these types of sentences.

give more examples.




2.can we use coming in this given sentence for voice. during talk on phone when , we don't hear voice.


voice is not coming.

Feb 24, 2015 7:12 PM
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"She was dropped at her place after she was taken to the hospital."
"Rescue operations were made difficult after the area was engulfed by smoke and flames."

Present: subject + is/are + past participle
"The toy is broken"
Present perfect: subject + has been/have been + past participle
"The toy has been broken"
Past: subject + was/were + past participle
"The toy was broken"
Past perfect: subject + had been + past participle
"The toy had been broken"
Future: subject + will be + past participle
"The toy will be broken"
Future perfect: subject + will have been + past participle
"The toy will have been broken"
Present progressive: subject + is being/are being + past participle
"The toy is being broken"
Past progressive: subject + was being/were being + past participle
"The toy was being broken"

You cannot say "the voice is not coming". You may say:
"I can't hear your voice."
If you can hear the voice but it is not clear, or if there is a lot of static, you may say:
"The sound is choppy."
"I can't hear you clearly."
"There's too much static."
"You're breaking up" (most commonly used, although this is rather informal.)

February 24, 2015
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