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why the cityzens pay taxes???

i am from guadalajara jalisco mexico. i always wander about this. here in mexico, the politicians rob us our money and they say that if for create new highways, new hospitals, new schools and it is a terryble lie. the wages are very low, the public schools are shit, and the hospital for the workers are bullshit. but of course, the politics they steal and use our money to buy expensive mansions abroad, to travel around the world and send their sons and daughters to the best schools in other countries. i think one solution for the mexicans would be that all people stop paying taxes, in that way, they cannot send to jail to all people cause there can't be a country without citizens. this is my point of view.

Feb 24, 2015 10:22 PM
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I think every country is corrupted, it's just not known in public. Your solution would probably be the cause of rebellion, then revolution, but at the end maybe that's what we need.

February 24, 2015

that's same probleme here in Algeria, in addition to taxes we lot of reserves of oil and gas corruption peaked hight level that involve the familly of the president himself big comanys like Total and SNC lavalin SAIPAM of Italy and others , ower problme is that there a lot of money and it's incontrolable, the gouvernement buy all personnes who open his mouth and buy the justice

February 24, 2015

Many Italian politicians or public managers were and still are corrupted, but when they say

that taxes are for new HOUSES they don't lie, obviously they are thinking to their own new cozy

house with beautiful pieces of furniture that could be gained by illegal means (i.e. corruption).

Anyway a new, strong and hopefully successfull anti-corruption effort is now under way in Italy

(facts of recent months).

Thank you for raising such an important issue!

February 24, 2015

It sucks but it's true. Mexico can be a great country but unfortunately we have a crappy government. I have to admit I had hope when Calderon was in power, now all hopes are gone.

Not paying taxes won't resolve the issue. What we need to is to stop the corruption. How? I have no idea. It's worst than I ever expected.


February 24, 2015
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