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Hi, I'm about to discover Russian. It seems to be very difficult in the pronounciation.
What are the tips to overcome this issue? What do you recommend?

Feb 24, 2015 10:40 PM
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1) in words like здравствуйте many consonants in a row wonät be pronounced. Some of them will be eliminated. 

2) Vowels will be pronounced as they are only in the stressed position. For example, in the word  молоко only the last "o" is pronounced like "o" because it is in a stressed position. Other vowels are pronounced more like "a". The same is for "и" and "е".

February 25, 2015

There is an option on google translate, just tape a russian word then click listen.


March 7, 2015

Well how I learned was saying in parts

drah, drah drah

zdrah zdrah zdrah

Voy voy voy

tvoy tvoy tvoy

Stvoy stvoy stvoy

zdrah stvooy zdrah stvooy



key is listening to a native say it so you know how to pronounce it. The first v is sileinnt it sounds like, and informally people say zdrasty or simply privet. Think of the english word restrict str is a long combo. Exquisite,  ekskw is the sound of xq so that is even a longer combo then zdravstvuy. I bet you say exquisite with ease. Because x and q are chunked combos that your used to. You will get used to different combos, when you learn a word, say "production" to a russian it may be hard, but once they learn the word production, they can say the word "destruction" with better ease.

March 7, 2015


March 7, 2015

K.P, spasiba diyeh vseh eti informatsiya :)



February 26, 2015
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