what is the best way to start learning spanish?
2015年2月25日 01:14
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An adult language learner should start all the languages the same way - learn orthography and pronunciation at the same time.


Interesting website to start learning languages on your own. Good luck !


Definitely, I would start speaking and listening and... repeat, repeat and repeat.


Try to study key tenses to speak about basic topics, for example:


- Introduce yourself:


Me llamo___

Tengo _____ años

Soy de ___

Vivo en ____

Estudio español porque ____



After that, I'd start with daily routines, descriptions, hobbies, etc.


If you want to study grammar the first step is present form.


I use this system with my Spanish students and works pretty good.


Some resources:


Studying: I recommend you flashcards, some platform like anki or quizlet are good. I love them.

Listening: I recommend you

Speaking: you can try to find some language partners or you can try to book some conversational lesson with community tutors or professional tutor here, on Italki.






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