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First of all,I just want to mention about my future plan,the more you arrange the more you will be perfected of your future big dreams.That what the reason of human resource improving in the world.So,people are trying to become their dreams will come true.
Nowadays,we have to choose different kinds of ways. At first, I am trying to know my future plan exactly because there is really important for me.Well,my plan is to become an enginner of managing director. But I cannot say whether engineer or not exactly that concern with my afford studying time.On the other hand, I want to become a businessman.Secondly,I wil take an IELTS on October,entering bachelor degree of electrical.So,before entering the degree course,they limit for all students at least( IELTS band score 6) because of the class teachers are many foreiner .But i actually need the English fluency for four skills.As a matter of fact,if I do not understand what they are saying,finally I will difficult to get bachelor degree and so far for master degree.So,From now on I will learn many books fluently understanding in English. And then I will apply the job just experience for 5 months .If i do not apply the job,I will not become the expert engineer.Thirdly,After finished experience 5months,I will apply scholarship for master degree in Singapore or Uk.If I have a chance to attend master degree in Uk,I will be attend part time schools because their schools and eating fees are really expensive.If I will finished master degree,I will work in there.After that,I will return my motherland to Myanmar absolutely because I will watch to my parents exactly.If they were not born,I can not be a human.I have never forget the person who are really benefit upon to me.So,I decided to repay for them.
In conclusion, I am trying to become of my future dreams come true. Now that I know I do not have enough skills to provide the person who are benefited to me. Anyway I believe that I become an engineer as my teacher Romeo saying of never gives up. That is the reason of I believe myself perfectly.


Feb 25, 2015 2:11 AM
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