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Help me ,the wrong words,the wrong gammar,

First of all, as a leader, you have to admire your subordinates, because we are a team, we all want to go to achieve a common goal. In my past work, to be honest, I don't have as a manager, so I could tell you an example that when I was in the university. In college, we have a career experience lesson, eight people a group, choose a leader, thank you for everyone trusting me. We was going to donate money to a non-profit organizations, we had been selectedtianjinnursing homes. It was about a semester of the time we work for this project. Because at the beginning, we really had no idea about this project, and then we have spent more hours watching realityTV shows such as The Apprentice. We had a meeting to discuss together, and we have our team uniform shirt that is we design by our own hands, our team name, our logo, our slogan. I must understand the strengths of each person, try to play his specialty. We have already finished all the basic work and everyone had a clear division of responsibility. The project was just beginning, We got up very early every morning, just to sell newspapers for a single income. And in the normal office hours, We would choose to go to the individual business collection, through showing them the pictures of the old man, and the old man suffered misfortune to them. Also we would hold up a brand at the gate of the supermarket for that more people raised money. Though it is a hard process, but in the end, when we delivered the raise money into the old man needed supplies, watching them full of tears, with a warm smile and friendly eyes, and we had the courage to face all the old people, and I feel our team victory! I deeply feel that, as a leader, you just want to see every one's strengths. See everyone so much energy, I think we are full strength. The better we got is through our efforts together, each and every one is full of power.

Feb 25, 2015 7:48 AM
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If you want your work corrected, you should post it in the learning English notebook section. 

February 25, 2015
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