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"да ларна", "ларина" ??? What does it mean?
25 de feb de 2015 11:29
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oops. before I finished it, Dasha answered:)

I use this site to analize Russian for myself. SO my answers are always long:)


25 de Febrero de 2015

Or did you read it somewhere (not hear)?
there exist sinilarly written and common answer:
"да ладно" /da ladna/

да - can mean 'yes', 'but', 'and' and in archaic language 'let' (expressing wish: let it be...). I suspect the latter here, 'let'.

ладно - lit. '[it is] well' (adverb).
When used alone means 'ok'. 'va be' etc.

"да ладно", sometimes "да ладно тебе":

1. 'are you kidding?' - expression of doubt. Usually it's just surprise, dressed as a doubt)
- Я, наконец-то, освоил русскую грамматику.
- Да ладно??

2. да ладно/да ладно тебе - as discuragement to continue ones activity. Either destructuve one (a quarrel) or ones efforts to make better what is already just fine. 'don't bother yourself with it'
- Надо бы мне подучить грамматику..
- Да ладно тебе, ты и так отлично говоришь по-русски.

3. answer on proposal to start such an activity. ('i'm fine with it as it is')
(usually without 'тебе', as 'тебе' implies some... disapproval. It would mean 'be satisfied with the current state', and not 'be ME satisfied with the current state')

- Учи русский!

- Да ладно, если надо - я жестами объяснюсь.

- Нам стоит подтянуть русский.
- Да ладно тебе....

4. answer on self-criticism... or criticism, addressed to a 3d person.
- Она плохо говорит по-русски.
- Да ладно тебе, для человека который занимается только два месяца она говорит просто отлично .

25 de Febrero de 2015

Скорее всего имеется в виду "да ладно" - it means that you can`t believe, "oh,well"

25 de Febrero de 2015

Armando, you definitely have confused at least one of consonant letters:(
(unstressd vowels are ruduced in Russian... so I don't even count them. Unstressed o sounds as a:/ )

Could you please give some context... and mark the stress?

25 de Febrero de 2015

Oh ok thanks Dasha! In italian should be "Sì, certo!" or " vabbè!" LOL

25 de Febrero de 2015
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