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Chinese music

Since I'm learning chinese I thought it could be usefull to listen to songs in chinese but I don't know any singer or how to search for them...

Has someone got any suggestion? :)

25 lut 2015 17:45
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Try listen to Khalil Fong.

26 lutego 2015

Try Peng You by Zhou Hua Jian.

Here's the youtube link:

25 lutego 2015

Yes. My suggestion is to look for "Best of..." or “Top Ten" lists online. Go through each list, listening to at least a minute or two of each song. Build a playlist from the ones you like. It takes time and energy to get started but after a while you will have a decent playlist and some favourite artists. Using Spotify or a similar program will then get you further recommendations. I've been building my playlist for about three months now and, though I only have 18 songs on it, it's mine! 


For a simple Chinese song, sung by 老外 like us, check out 对不起 by Transition

3 marca 2015

For singers,Eanson Chan, May Day ,is gorgeous.If you wanna challenge yourself, try Jay Chou.You can get to know them by Internet.Then, just find them on QQ music, 酷狗 music,or so.

3 marca 2015

may be you can search in chinese and I can tell u some Chinese singers

3 marca 2015
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