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The Theory of Karma.

Do you know the Theory of Karma ? The essence of the law of karma is that for good actions people will get enjoyment, but for bad-suffering. What about you? Do you follow this law?

Feb 25, 2015 8:10 PM
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there's noting to lose it's just a way of thinking and nobody know what the first who conceived it what his purpose was. it's just our interpretation we're living in a difrend time, you can only say what you think about it thats phisophy my opinion. 

March 3, 2015

in ancient times it was ussed for moralizing inequality. in political view 

March 1, 2015

karma is not really a Buddhism vision ist's from Hinduism and that is a real religion.

March 1, 2015

Hello, Leyla.

I've read that people usually misinterpret the meaning of Karma. Most people believe that you can "control" your Karma, for exemple, by having good intentions and acting upon it. I can't remember the source, but I've read that that's not how it works. I guess I've saw this on a Buddhist website. However, if this is true, it's like we're fated to something beyond our free-will, if that would ever be room for free-will anyway. I don't know if I believe in Karma, I don't even know if I believe in free-will (have you read Schopenhauer's essay about free-will? it's intriguing). I seriously don't know what to believe in.


February 28, 2015

Its coplacaited matter because the poeple that take that as religion  thinken in a soort of hierarchical thermes  for exampel they believe dat poor poeple are born poor because they did somthing wrong in the life before. I think its not a good way of thinking because its a simple way for saying to poeple that hasn't sutch a good life that it is there own fold.

February 28, 2015
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