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Progressive Rock


I would like to speak about the rock progressive bands, especially the British. This kind of music have always passionated me, makes me feel very good. I think their sensibility,melody and sense of rhythm are in a special way that i don´t feel it in any other kind of music.


Does anyone feels the same?


Is there anybody out there?? je,je Pink Floyd

Best regards


Feb 26, 2015 9:13 PM
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I enjoy listening bands like Tool, A Perfect Circle, Mastodon. I also like nu metal rock bands and hope some day come here some of this bands.

February 26, 2015

Dani, my musical taste isn't restricted by any genre, but as for 60's - early 70's bands, here I posses at least some basic erudition, not just ability to enjoy. So...

Honestly, a never thought about Pink Floyd as 'prog-rock'. Sort of... they are just pink floyd and thats enough. Even more - I rarely hear people naming them as example.

You may use this expression to mean 'sub-genre', as a node in some vague classification tree
...or just as 'direction of search'. Wikipedia article uses it the later way, and I'm ok with it.

But as for former use. these endless rock- and metal- subjenres are somewhat irritating:) And it ends in that obviously great bands are usually called just by their own name, while 'sub-genres' get mentioned only in connection with those less succesful.

Now I looked at the article... to my great surprise, I like a lot of whan they name here. No wonder, as they name... man, they name everybody:) even Bob Dylan as one of  the major influences.
Or, for example, Procol Harum in the same list as Pink Floyd: "all contained elements of what is now called progressive rock, but none represented as complete an example of the genre ":)

Of the bands they named as examples, there's only one I both like and ready to define this way:/

When I first noticed your topic, I first though: "hey, nice to see that someboody in Spain loves this boring 40 years old stuff. But I'm not going to click on this!"

February 27, 2015

What´s not to love about Pink Floyd? David Gilmour is such a great guitar player. Greetings from the Dark Side of the Moon ;D

February 27, 2015

Or, not the same in brief:
if you named your favorite bands, I could, probably answer if I feel the same or not:)

February 27, 2015

''not the same..." a typo. I mean "noW the same".

February 27, 2015
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