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Best tool to teach you modern Russian @15secondsofrussian

I know that watching the whole movies in a language you hardly know can be very frustrating.

Yes, you do get used to the rhythm of the speech and you recognise separate words, but it doesn't really help you learn anything. 

What about if they're just short phrases in the  context?

What if they're looped?


Check out my non-commercial Instagram project @15secondsofrussian (


Watch bits of the best Russian context (famous movies, music clips, interviews) with subs and transcriptions and learn simple phrases like:

- What’s your name?
- Hello!
- What’s the date today?
- What does … mean?
- Where’s my …?
- Good morning!
- What are you plans for today?
- Let’s go!
- That’s so cool!


Please leave your feedback here, it would be very helpful for me!

27 Th02 2015 15:59
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