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Great Simple Skills for Learners


I am trying to collect some learning skills here. They are some simple rules that help us to read, to write and to mean easier.

It is self-evident; I cannot do it well without your help.


As I am a beginner learner, I will try to put main references for all matters. (Due to avoiding doubt and mistake)

Feb 27, 2015 8:33 PM
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Rule 2: (spelling)
For words that end with (y) preceded by a consonant, change the (y) to (i) before adding suffix [except those beginning with (i)].


happy + est = happiest

beauty + ful = beautiful



cry + ing = crying

study + ing = studying


* precede:to happen or exist before something

(STUDY SKILS, Richard C.Yorkey, Jungle Publications)

March 6, 2015

In spelling, ask yourself if there is a rule that could be followed so that you do not have to use a dictionary.

Rule 1 (spelling):
To add a suffix to a one-syllable word with a single vowel followed by a single constant, double the final constant.

run + ing = running
fat + er = fatter
sad + est = saddest
cut + able = cuttable


* Vowels are a,e,i,u and sometimes y


(STUDY SKILS, Richard C.Yorkey, Jungle Publications)

February 28, 2015

After years, when I decided to refresh my English skills, I realized that there are many hidden thread and relation between many words in English. On the other hand, I was interested in Latin languages because of my major and my own desire. I deduce, some of the most important affixes in English words are from Latin.
I also tried to find other shortcuts. I was sure there are many researches and books about this matter, so I went to department of 'Educating Foreign Languages' in a university. That sequence brought me many consequences. I will put essence of them here.

It is weird that many native speakers do not know about these rules.

February 27, 2015
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